Jan 4, 2010

My Outdoor Office by Australian Author Fleur McDonald

My Outdoor Office

As much as I prefer to write indoors, there are sometimes in my life, I just can't. Harvest is an especially busy time for us, so pack up my laptop, put it in the back of my ute and use an old fuel drum as a chair! I can tell you, that when the drum gets hot, gives a whole different meaning to 'hot to trot!'

In this photo, I was cleaning graining, which didn't require a lot of brain power - just keeping the augers and chutes clear - so it enabled me to write quite easily.

I am an author of two books, Red Dust was published in May 09 and Blue Skies is due out in April 2010. My stories are based in the country and I tend to think of them as mysteries, although some people want to lob them into the romantic section - I'm not so sure about that!

My blog consists of my writing life, my farming life and everything in between - I try to put photos up with every blog, to help the reader visualise what I'm talking about and I've got to the point, that I also include videos, if I'm able to.

My writing day consists of time snatched in between racing around for the farm, two kids and a husband and numerous farm animals and pets that need my undivided attention! I tend to write very early in the mornings, or late at night. I actually find that writing my blogs, help me warm up for my writing time.

I hope you visit my blog - I'd love to see you and as from January, I'll be giving away prizes - all who leave a comment over the month, will go into the draw. First prize up for grabs is a Queensland Writers Taster pack, which includes a three month membership to them. See you there!


Born and bred in Orroroo, the mid-north of South Australia, Fleur's Mum and Dad were fuel distributors and with her dad she spent some of her childhood in the fuel trucks heading north, meeting all sorts of wonderful Northern characters.

The first year out of school she headed to the southeast of SA to do some jillarooing and then went to WA for her second year. She met her now husband when she first went to WA. In 1994 she attended Marcus Oldham Farm Management College to study Agribusiness.

They now farm 8000 acres, about 110km east of Esperance. Prime lambs and cattle being their main enterprises, but they do a small amount of cropping.

They also run two studs — Angus Cattle and White Suffolk Sheep.

They have two children, Rochelle, eight, and Hayden, seven.

She is the author of Wilder Eukaplytus, Red Dust and the upcoming Blue Skies.

You can learn more about Fleur on her website: http://fleurmcdonald.com/


  1. People who can work that amount of land amaze me. I have a hard enough time tending to a small garden every year.

    I love the cover of Red Dust. I'm going to wander out to your blog in a sec.

    Best of luck with your new release.


  2. What a fantastic name--Fleur!

    I like the title of your book, Red Dust. Very evocative and easy to visualize. Sounds like between working all that land and writing you have your hands and heart full to brimming.

    Nice post! Best of luck with your books!

  3. Great post! It makes me wanna be there!

  4. Hi Cheryl, J.W. and Kim,

    Glad you liked the post! Come on over to my blog, when you've got time - I'd love to see you there! And thanks so much to Jaime for this opportunity!


  5. Looking forward to reading Blue Skies in April, Fleur!

    Always love dropping by your blog - the snippets of life in the country are wonderfully evocative.

  6. Hi Fleur,
    Wow! I am in awe of you - tapping away on your laptop whilst sitting on an old fuel drum and attending to the farm's harvesting needs! Incredible. What a fantastic achievement. I loved Red Dust and can't wait till Blue Skies makes its debut! Keep writing. We need more fabulous mystery/romances set in the outback.

  7. Hi Fleur,
    What a great blog. I will be back often to visit. Am an aspiring YA writer wading my way through a first draft and moaning about having to work full time as I do it. Visiting here helped put all that in perspective. I'm taking the oath 'thoust shall not whinge anymore." Thanks for the inspiration.