Jan 5, 2010

Typing Time by Author Fiona Palmer

Typing Time

This is my writing space. It’s not overly appealing and it’s next to the kids playroom so lucky for me I’m a mother that can tune out. As for set times that I write…well it’s more of when I can fit it in. I work nine hour days, four days a week, sometimes more and have two small children, one who’s only at school two days a week.

I find if I have an hour up my sleeve I will make myself sit in front of the computer – I may not feel like it but time is valuable. My husband worries that I’d be just writing crap when I make myself write, but it’s crap I can go back over later and change. To me it’s important to keep the words going, even if it means dribbling dull lifeless words - eventually I will get back to it and add some colour and flair.

If I get a bit of writers block I will usually go do some house chores and let my mind wander on ideas and usually by the end of the washing, mopping etc, I’ve got the next chapter planned out. If I’m really stuck, I will brainstorm with my mum. (Husbands not into romance stories – he doesn’t read unless it’s a golf magazine)

I get most of my inspiration from the place I live. A small country town in Western Australia…and when I say small there are five houses, one which is mine, a shop and a hall. Our little school closed down years ago. But it’s the small community lifestyle that is so wonderful. The characters you meet, brought out by the hardships they share.

I love the country way of life and I get so inspired just by walking around the back paddock, watching another amazing sunset or sunrise, watching headers harvesting golden grains and sitting with the farmers under the large gumtree whilst having a few drinks at the end of the day. That’s where you hear some of the best stories!

I’m very passionate about our way of life so it’s easy for me to write about it. I want the reader to feel what I’m feeling, to experience the sunsets and smell the eucalyptus in the air. I want them to clearly picture the heat haze over the top of a wheat crop and get the tingle when you smell the first rain on dry soil.

So, for me, my characters come naturally and they soon become my friends. I cry when I write about their loses or funerals and smile when they are happy. ( I must look like a real twit sitting at the computer, sniffing with tears streaming down my face.)

I’m waiting for the day someone sees my puffy tear stained face, ‘Oh, what’s wrong?’

‘I’m fine, I just had to kill off a character!”

The joy’s of writing…but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


My name if Fiona Palmer and I write Rural Romance. I live in the tiny town of Pingaring in Western Australia, (near Wave Rock). I’m thirty, with two small kids aged 6 and 4. I had my first novel printed with Penguin and I’ve just finished my first draft on my second novel. Please visit my website www.fionapalmer.com

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  1. Lovely picture, and yay for mums who juggle kids and writing and working in playrooms!!!!!