Jan 13, 2010

Why We Write by Bob and Kaye

Why We Write

Well, sure. It would be great to have a bestseller, buy a condo on a lush tropical island . . . hey, maybe even buy the lush tropical island. Then write on undisturbed while your staff handled all the tedious day-to-day chores, and you sipped your afternoon Jack Daniels on the rocks, soda back, while lolling in your pool.

Of course, you could still do all this, maybe even throw in a pied a tier in Paris with a big screen plasma TV, if you won the lottery. So. Does that mean it's all about the money? Well, maybe a little bit. But if that were the whole answer, you'd probably do better focusing on bond trading or re-packaging risky mortgages.

What is it, then, that compels us to write?

Perhaps it's what we suspect may be the reason we exist at all. Original Energy - or God, if you will - would seem to have been full and complete in and of Itself/Herself. And Perfection, one would think, has no need of additives.

Yet, here we are.

Likewise, if you were complete and full to bursting, do you think that would be enough? Let's take the positive approach and say you were full to bursting with love. Wouldn't you want someone to give that love to?

So, like we said: here we are.

And when you're full to bursting with an idea, isn't it kind of the same thing? Somehow, however great or big or brilliant the idea may be, it's just not enough to have it. You want to share it.

"In the beginning was the Word." Is it heard now in music, seen now in paintings and sculptures? And perhaps read now in our multifoliate scribblings.

How grand is that!?!


Bob Brooker and Kaye O'Dougherty have been adventuring together for a lot of years now. They first met at a recording studio on 42nd Street. Yes, that 42nd Street. They recorded a commercial for E.J. Korvette's, who went out of business soon thereafter.

Bob is an old saloon singer who, as Bobby Brookes, recorded for Victor and Capital back in the day. Kaye has trouble carrying a tune in a bucket. Nevertheless, over the years, as Brooker and O'Dougherty, the two have collaborated on a variety of theater projects, performing, writing, directing, managing, and producing. In keeping with the changing times, they have even created a cyber alter-ego named eBobb.

Recently, Bob and Kaye both took long-overdue turns at being rather mature college kids. Kaye now holds a Bachelors Degree in the Humanities from St. Peter's College in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Bob was graduated magna cum laude from Montclair State University with a BA in Theater, and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.

You can visit their website by going to FootballforLovers.com or their blog by clicking here.

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