Apr 19, 2010

Author Brian McClure on Book Design

Writing a book is the easiest part! When you write a children’s book and you are not an artist, the next hurdle you face is finding an illustrator. Once you have found an illustrator, you need to have a legal document drawn up and signed in order to protect both parties. Once that is in place, if you are like me, you will want to have input on the page breakdown and pictures. This is not a quick process, as pictures are first conceptualized and then agreed upon. The final product can take months.

Prior to having the pictures drawn, you have to know what size your book is going to be, (7” x 10” or 10” x 11”) etc. in order to tell the artist what size to make the art. If you are finding your own sources to print or publish your books as I did, you will need to find a source to scan the finished artwork in HD and placed on discs. This company most likely will also be your source to pick out fonts, layout, text, etc. You need to figure out covers, inside flaps, pricing, additional writing on the inside flaps etc. You have to purchase ISBN numbers and assign one of them to your books. You will also have to know what price you are going to charge for your book in order to have the ISBN number printed correctly on your book.

Once you have made all of the necessary decisions, the book is put together on the computer and sent to you for proofing. This is where you make any and all corrections, from spelling to design. Once you sign off on the final proofs, your book is placed if print format on CD discs and given to you. You will then have to have an agreement with a printer covering paper quality and style, book cover quality and dust covers etc. Once you have signed off on all the decisions, they will print you a final proof for you to sign off on. If you have ordered thousands of books, you will have to have a place to have them shipped to, either a book distributor or wholesaler or warehouse, depending on your distribution system.

All in all, it can take anywhere from six months to a year to get a book to market. The thing you need the most after you have written a book, is patience!!!


Ohio born native Brian McClure is the Founder and President of The Universal Flag and its affiliate companies. He is an author, human rights advocate and messenger of the oneness of all. Inside of the Universal Flag Companies, he set up a Non Profit Foundation to help relieve the suffering which he has witnessed in third world countries, along with spreading the Universal Flags throughout the World. The flag was recently paraded and flown at The United Nations as part of World Peace Day.

Brian has developed an awareness of equality among all people and nationalities. His primary goal is to help people remember that inside each of us we hold the higher truths that are transforming our world.
You can visit Brian online at www.universalflag.com and www.briandmcclure.com/mediablog

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