Apr 29, 2010

Author Marilyn Randall on Getting Rid Of All The Clutter

When my surroundings are cluttered and everything is in disarray, I have a terrible time trying to write or for that matter, do anything that makes sense. I have found that for me to be creative and be able to write without the stops and down times, my environment needs to be fairly neat and tidy. The more organized I am outside my head the more I am inside my head and the easier the material flows that I am working on.

To keep things organized I set aside a few hours each week to do nothing but clean and straighten up my surroundings so that when I sit down to write, my mind is also uncluttered and I can expect to have a far more productive day than I would have if I had tried to force it when I knew there were other things that needed to get done.

When I am deeply involved in writing and I am in a situation where I can’t take the needed break to get things cleaned, then I have been known to hire someone to come in and clean for me just so the environment stays neat and the worry of something being left undone is not nagging at the back of my mind. Once things are neat, organized and everything is back in it’s place, I can sit and write to my hearts content and the content always needs less adjusting and re-writing.

As I continue my writing career, it is important for me to know and understand this about myself so that I can continue to be as productive as I can be with the time I have to write. Getting rid of the clutter on the outside seems to get rid of the clutter on the inside as well and this little trick has saved me many hours of useless productivity over the years.

When writing the pieces for my book, My Heart And Soul, it was always important to follow this rule as the better work always came when my thoughts inside were as organized as my outside environment and surroundings. This rule of thumb for me has been true for each project I have started, including all of the children’s books, which I also illustrate. The more organized and clutter free the surroundings, the less cluttered and better the finished product.



Marilyn Randall has an extensive background in the graphic design industry. Her art background is varied, including business logo design, printing design, silk screened shirt design and miscellaneous mediums for her paintings and illustrating.

She published her first book of poetry and prose in 2009 titled My Heart And Soul, following soon after she published six children's books which she has both written and illustrated. Her newest book and first fiction novel is Quicksand. She is currently working on her seventh children's book which she plans to release in the summer of 2010. Originally from Medford, Oregon, she continues to write from the serene surroundings of her home on Whidbey Island in Washington State.

You can visit her website at www.marilynrandall.com.

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