Aug 23, 2010

The Writer's Life by Dr. Harry J. Saranchak

I do not have a picture of my space because napkins, pieces of paper, or a notebook anywhere or at any time is my office.

When I get back to the home office, I use the “jottings” as a place to start.

If I don’t want to write, I don’t, but then nothing gets done, so I wait until I feel guilty.

When the writing is done, it is done for the day or for the moment. I can always boot up the computer and write down what I need to. The best advice I ever got was to just write. Never worry about grammar, spelling or punctuation*

I balance my regular life (I love to play golf) with writing by using a notepad that I keep in the car. In this way I am always doing what I love to do.

Finding inspiration is easy. If one looks at the world, the events, and the people, one does need to go far for a theme.

Struggle is everywhere.

The character needs to be a real character, pardon the pun.

This personality study needs to posses what we do not want to look at in others, or can’t see. The dark side. The plot contains the juice. How does this main character behave within the space, and how do events and other personalities bring the issues to light.

I try to plan, but then something usually gets in the way.

The END is great to type, but then I go back, so the END is just another beginning. I type DONE.



Dr. Harry J. Saranchak earned a B.A. degree cum laude from Georgetown and followed it with an M.D. from University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

For 30 years he was a vascular and general surgeon in three Connecticut hospitals, and for 25 of those he was also educator and mentor to medical students, residents and colleagues—while receiving eight Golden Scalpel awards for teaching excellence. A Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Saranchak co-authored seven medical journal articles from 1974 to 1984.

After retiring from his private practice at Grove Hill Medical Center in New Britain, CT, he wrote Betrayals of Hippocrates: Crimes Against Innocence.

You can visit his website at

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