Sep 27, 2010

The Power of the Blue Medallion by Les Berman

The first three chapters just seemed to flow off my fingers. Putting in math problems that related to the story took a lot of time. I actually gave up for a year. I then woke up one morning and decided to write the story and worry about the math afterwards. From that point, I guess it took me approximately three months to complete. Many of my ideas came up in the middle of the night. Half the time I was too lazy to get up and jot down a few words so I wouldn’t forget. Unfortunately, I forgot.

I really didn’t have much difficulty in coming up with ideas that kept the adventure and intrigue. Of course some parts were more complex then others and took a little more thought. But all in all it went pretty smoothly and was a fun adventure for me.

The first five characters in the story I had in mind before starting the novel, I just began to put them all together when I sat down at the computer and typed away. I really had no set plan or direction in the development of the story. I believe the ending was the most difficult for me. I was very satisfied with its conclusion.



Raised in Southern California, Les Berman earned his bachelor degree in Sociology with a minor in Math from Long Beach State University, and a Masters in Education from Pepperdine University. Currently retired from the ABC Unified School District, Les also volunteers his time coaching young track and field athletes for a private club in Long Beach California. Les has coached many International and Olympic Athletes over the past forty years, and has been selected as a United States International Coach four times throughout his career. The Power of the Blue Medallion , is the first book for this author.

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  1. Interesting. Math in fiction seems to be a coming trend. This is the second book I've heard about in the last two day with Math playing a role.

  2. Thanks Life in the First Draft for having Les Berman guest post during his virtual book tour. Math seems to be catching on with kids.