Dec 28, 2010

A New Year, A New Draft

I began this blog as a way of hoping that I could get that certain piece of information I needed to finish the elusive first draft. Starting novels had been easy in 2009, but finishing them turned into something else completely. I began wondering what it was about first drafts that had me so perplexed.

From there, I figured there had to be plenty of aspiring writers out there who were struggling with the same thing. So I began this blog and called out for guest posts to all my author friends.

This year of reading all the wonderful posts about life in the first draft has been inspiring, educational, amusing and so much more.

And, partially thanks to the advice held in these posts, 2010 is the year I completed a novel for the first time in over four years.

Now I have a new focus in mind, though I know there will be plenty of first drafts to come. I need to revise the novel I have written, polish and shape it into the novel I know it can be.

Because of that and all of the other callings in my life, I am afraid that this blog must cease - at least for the moment. I simply don't have the time to be able to do this blog any sort of justice, let alone post guest posts on it. I do hope to take it up once more in the future, but for now things are just too hectic.

So I leave you with an index of wonderful posts full of gems that just might be the answer for the question you have been asking. Read, enjoy and be inspired. Until I can come back to this blog...

Thank you to all the authors who contributed to this blog over the past year:

Richard Arneson
*Writing Humor

Kim Baccellia
*Life in the First Draft

Cheryl Bannerman
*Life in the First Draft

Shobhan Bantwal
*By the Seat of My Pants
*Mining My Heritage

MM Bennetts
*When the Story Truly Starts

Les Berman
*The Power of the Blue Medallion

Bob and Kaye
*Where We Write: Why Where We Write Is the Heart of the Matter
*Why We Write
*Why We Write What We Write

Cherish D'Angelo
*Lancelot's Lady and Life in the First Draft

*Chaos on Paper
*Heart First, Head Second
*What to Do When Writer's Block Hits

VS Grenier
*Tips to Writing a First Draft
*How Do You Begin Your First Draft

Kristy Haile
*Santa Inspired Me!

Susan Haller
*Writing the Music

T.D. Hawke
*One Cup of Inspiration, Please

Lisa Heidke
*Writing Through the Malaise!

Sam Hilliard
*Fire Your Distractions
*Finding the Time for Writing Your Novel

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
*Writing a First Draft, Torture Anyone?
*History of a Bad First Draft

Rebecca James
*Life in the First Draft

Jackie M. Johnson
*Write First, Edit Later
*Writing is Like Building a House

Tinisha Nicole Johnson

Daisy Jordan
*Want to know what’s going to happen in my next book? Don’t ask me…because I don’t know either!
*Jello, Lancelot, Friends, Art, Tennis, and My Gray Hoodie

Sandy Kastel
*Finding Inspiration: Delve into your Dreams

Lisa Lipkind Leibow
*My New Year’s Resolution – A Home Office Solution!
*Finding Time to Write int the Midst of Happy Chaos
*First Drafts: Write Drunk

Garasamo Maccagnone
*Writing a First Draft
*Being Unconstrained

Kathi Macias
*Fiction with a Mission
*Keep Your List Uncompromising…but Short

Mary Maddox
*That Magic Moment
*On Inspiration

Cheryl Malandrinos
*Those First Drafts
*From First Draft to Published
*Writing for Children

Mike Manos
*Writing the First Draft

Cilla McCain
*Researching Your Nonfiction Book
*Writing Controversial Books

Brian McClure
*Book Design

Lurlene McDaniel
*Starting Over

Fleur McDonald
*My Outdoor Office
*My Juggling Act

Jaime McDougall
*Finding Time To Write
*It's Okay to Stop
*Avoidance Tactics

Marilyn Meredith
*Beginning a Book
*My Advice About Writing the First Draft of Your Novel

Judi Moreo
*My Funky Little Writer Habits

Gary Morgenstein
*Guilt, Guilt, Guilt

Sandra Gore Nielsen
*Getting in the Mood

Fiona Palmer
*Once Upon a Time?
*Typing Time

George Earl Parker

Sarah Parker
*Learning to Plan, Planning to Learn

Stephen Parrish
*The Art of Language

Soren Paul Petrek
*The Race

Gillian Polack
*The Halfway Mark
*Writing Blocks

Leonora Pruner
*Getting Started
*Cross the First Hurdle

Marilyn Randall
*Getting Rid of All the Clutter

Dr. Harry J. Saranchak
*The Writer's Life

Sherry D. Shumard
*Completing the First Draft

Hazel Statham
*Pantsers and Plotters
*Characters Taking Over

Shiela Stewart
*Never Stop Dreaming
*Office Space Wanted

Phillip Stott
*First Drafts Part One
*First Drafts Part Two

Nancy Thayer
*Life in the First Draft

Nicole Townsend
*New Kid on the Block

Steven Verrier
*Life in the First Draft
*Writing Longhand

Anne Vincent
*The Importance of Place
*The Long Road

Tom Weston
*To Outline or Not to Outline, That is the Question
*Building the Perfect Beast

Jonathan Williams
*Just Build the House Already!
*The Red Pen and Purposeful Writing

Susan Wingate
*How My Kitchen Gets Clean

Helene Young
*Finding Inspiration

Vincent Zandri
*The Bedroom (s): Where the Magic Happens!

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