Dec 16, 2010

Santa Inspired Me! by Kristy Haile

Writing had always been simply a fun and relaxing hobby to me. I have always enjoyed writing short stories and journal entries about different events that have taken place in my life. None of which had ever inspired me enough to write a book. In fact, writing a book had never even crossed my mind. Being a dental hygienist was my career and I left it at that. I went to work every day, cleaned teeth and every two weeks collected a solid paycheck.

Then came the day my son became Santa Claus. He brought me back to the place of dreaming, imagining and truly believing anything is possible. His stories about the North Pole, the elves and even the reindeers were so imaginative and full of life. I so wanted to keep his stories alive and I knew he couldn’t even write, which is why I began a journal about my little Santa Claus.

My pint-sized Santa had touched so many people’s lives as well as mine. I wanted the opportunity to touch more lives with his story and one day my husband suggested I write a book. At first I laughed, but I looked at him realizing he was serious and writing bug came over me, so I agreed. I kept a picture of my son Ty in his Santa suit with me as I wrote the outline and through the entire first draft of ‘I AM SANTA!’

The picture kept me going, all I had to do was look at it and I knew I could do it. It is faded, creased and looks as if it went through a storm which is all okay. For all I still see when a look at the picture is inspiration to continue believing and dreaming. My little Santa in his suit with a big smile on his face is all it takes.

Because of my Santa, I look at life in a completely different way. Life is about being positive, living life to the fullest and knowing that anything is possible if you imagine and dream. Therefore, my suggestion to all authors is look for what inspires you. When one finds, which inspires them, so many things are possible. You can live a life in which you had never before been able to imagine was possible.



Californian Kristy Haile earned an Associate’s degree in Dental Hygiene from Northeastern University in Boston and then worked as a hygienist in Massachusetts and California. She moved from her hometown of Turlock, CA to Los Angeles, where her two children became actors on TV (The Office, Criminal Minds, Desperate Housewives), movies (Chihuahua: The Movie) and in commercials. At age 4, son Ty came to believe he was Santa Claus. Haile kept a journal of the funny and unusual things her son said and did over the next two years, as well as of people’s reactions to his self-identification as the “new real Santa Claus.” That journal was the basis for her latest book, I Am Santa.
You can visit the ‘I AM SANTA!’ website at to connect with Kristy.

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